Utility Survey & Mapping
We locate buried utilities using remote sensing technology. Our survey teams are trained in a wide variety of techniques that are needed to locate all detectable sub-surface utilities.

Key techniques are Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic technologies. Our procedures are in accordance with the highest current standards that suit the objective and terrain.

All our team members are experienced land surveyors, this ensures both surface and sub-surface data is accurately captured to provide a fully accurate deliverable.

Geophysical Surveys
Geophysics is highly multidisciplinary, its basis lies in locating and mapping sub surface phenomena in a processed dataset.

Clients typically request a survey to locate voids, obstructions or mine caps, we advise and assist by suggesting the most appropriate technique to suit the circumstances on-site.

3rd Party Desktop Searches
Locate Surveys manage 3rd party desktop searches in accordance with PAS128.

A desktop search involves contacting companies with possible buried plant within the area of search to request copy plans showing the route of the buried services.

Data can be analysed and added to a single drawing, or provided as a collated list of responses. This data can be used to complement our utility surveying service to comply with PAS128.


Other Services: Survey Systems Ltd

The parent company of Loc8 is Survey Systems.  Operating NATIONWIDE from the South Manchester Head Office in Wilmslow, our in-house expertise covers a broad range of surveying disciplines including

  • Topographic
  • Measured Building
  • Boundary & Legal services
  • Structural Deformation Monitoring
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • CCTV Drainage Surveys

and much more…

For a full list of Survey System’s services, please click here >>


Locate Surveys map what lies beneath the ground – Survey Systems map the above.

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